Round Britain 2020

Image credit Marc Turner/EMCT

On the 16th July 2020 I set off from Hamble Point Marina on my Hunter Impala 28 (Alchemy) to sail round Britain. Solo. My route would take me anti-clockwise round Britain with 39 stops and a total distance of 1,600 nautical miles.

When I first began speaking to people back in late 2018 about my ambition to sail around Britain, a lot of people said that one of the hardest parts of my project would be getting to the start line, as every project has it’s setbacks. Until the 23rd March 2020 I never fully understood this, but from that moment on it became clearer than crystal. The UK was plunged into what would be a 3-month lockdown to fight the Coronavirus pandemic, forcing me to completely re-think my project and how, or if, I was going to be able to set off around Britain that summer. When lockdown was eased, I experienced one of the most hectic month and a half’s of my life in a mad rush to prepare before I was finally able to set off on the adventure which I had been dreaming of since the age of twelve. To sail around Britain.

Setting off felt like a relief more than anything! I had been so stressed for so long before the start and it was only once I got out on the water that I was able to relax and focus my mind on the challenge ahead. As crazy as it seems, I had barely thought about the actual trip before the start and it wasn’t until about a week in that the realisation of what I had embarked upon started to hit me.

In the 11 weeks of adventure I met some of the most amazing people, sailed the most picturesque of places and was pushed to find new limits.

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It was all over too soon, on 1st October 2020 I returned to Hamble Point marina where it all began, and I was already craving for more…