Facebook Post: 25th August

Yesterday we finally started moving again! After 6 nights in Oban I set off early yesterday morning in order to get to the Crinan Canal Sea lock by midday. We amazingly managed to transit the Canal by the end of the day thanks to the brilliant staff who were helping me get through the locks at record pace! After this I then made my way to Tarbert Harbourin the evening. So I had quite a busy day!
I’d like to say a huge thank you to Oban Marina for looking after Alchemy and I whilst we were stuck there. Today I made my way to Largs where I was met by Marc, Lorna and Hayley from the EMCTrust North base!
In case you didn’t know… The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust have two bases where they take young people out sailing, one in Largs and one in Cowes!
Tomorrow there is once again another low pressure system coming in so I am going to be stuck here for a day whilst it passes.
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(Oh also a huge thanks to Peter from the Hunter Association who sailed down to Tarbert with be yesterday and got some cool photos of me and Alchemy!)