Facebook post: 21st September (Round Land’s End!)

Land’s End
This evening I came into Newlyn Harbour 13.5 hours after leaving Padstow. It turned out to be a pretty difficult passage because we had a pretty lousy sea state down the North Cornish coast and then some of the biggest overfalls yet on the North side of Land’s end. It wasn’t all bad though, we had a pretty cool sunset as we approached Newlyn (see below).
Reaching here is a big milestone because it means I am back on the South Coast! Not far to go now as well, only 200 nautical miles! However it’s certainly not over yet, I still have quite a few challenges ahead. For example, the infamous Portland Bill.
Tomorrow I am headed for Falmouth and we are getting really close to our fundraising target! I want to see if we can reach it by the time I get to Falmouth tomorrow, can you help me get there!?