Facebook post: 17th September (Thick fog!)

Yesterday afternoon I came into @Padstow Harbour 3 days after leaving Pwllheli, North Wales.

It was the most intense few days of my life. At sunrise on Monday morning I left Pwllheli headed across Cardigan Bay for Fishguard where I picked up a mooring buoy for the night, 12 hours after setting of from Pwllheli.

I was then up a again at 4:30 am to head to Milford Haven which was a nice trip until the wind died and I ran into thick fog 4 hours in! Which wasn’t a lot of fun to say the least and little did I know that my next passage was going to be full of it…

On Tuesday afternoon I came into @Milford Haven where I was stopped for a grand total of 9 hours! With my weather window closing up again I wanted to get one of my last big legs done, the Bristol Channel crossing. So at 11:30 pm on Tuesday I left my berth in Milford Marina and headed for Padstow.

You may have read my previous post on the importance of navigation on my trip, well it really came into play leaving Milford Haven! I left in thick fog barely being able to see more a couple boat lengths in front of me which was not only hugely disorientating but it meant that it was incredibly difficult to pick out the navigation lights that I needed to guide me out of the estuary. Not a lot of fun! In the end I had this fog for nearly the whole 17 hours of the trip which I was not expecting and made it the most tiring leg yet. In fact I think it was the most exhausting few days of my life since I only had 2 hours sleep in the last 40 hours and 12 hours in total!

I will now be in Padstow for the next day waiting for a weather window to head round Land’s End!


Also a huge thanks to Luke from the Milford haven Port control who was notifying me of all shipping movements when I was leaving.