Facebook post: 11th September

Yesterday afternoon I came into Pwllheli Marina after setting off from Holyhead at 1:45 am that morning! I ended up having to delay my departure from Holyhead by around 18 hours due to the weather which was quite frustrating as it meant I had to sail through the night.
The passage to Pwllheli started off quite bumpy as we went round the Holyhead race which created some big standing waves, which of course feel even bigger in the dark! However as the the light came up we were once again followed by a pod of dolphins and some of the scenery was amazing as we came round the Lleyn Peninsula!
I am now going to be in Pwllheli for a day or two as some more weather passes and then I’ll hopefully head for Fishguard. Once again this is frustrating but at least I’ll have some time to do tick a few more jobs off the never-ending jobs list (Have a look at my most recent job below)!