Facebook post: 2nd August 2020

Something that has amazed me on my trip so far has been the sheer kindness of people who are so willing to help in any way possible.
I saw this once again when I came into Scarborough yesterday.
After a 15 hour passage I was pretty done for and as I came in I was contemplating which tin I was going to have to fuel myself up before sleeping. It was then that I was met by James, Graham, Nick and Bruce from the Scarborough Yacht Club, who having only found out about my visit to Scarborough an hour before, invited me to a hot meal at the club. I was over the moon because it was the one thing that I needed at that moment in time more than anything! So a huge thank you to them!
But it doesn’t stop there… Today when I was coming into Hartlepool I was met by Helen and John who handed me a homemade cake that they had made for me! At this point I didn’t know what to say it was so incredibly generous of them and completely unexpected. I was lost for words.
We can also see this generosity in the 70 supporters who have given so generously to my fundraising page for the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust. We have now raised £1,875! Wow!
I am now in Hartlepool and am heading over to North Shields tomorrow… My second last stop on the East coast of England!
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